A traceless biometric system (TBS) is a method for identifying an individual through   biometric identifier(s) that is designed to be not unique. Instead of using unique biometric information, an amorphous identifier(s) agent is replacing it. The amorphous agent is an incomplete identifier(s) obtained from a fresh scanned biometric information which is not unique.(Another alterable limit indicator(s) form a document(s) can beaded to overturn non-unique combinations to become unique). By 'incomplete’ or 'alterable' we mean that the biometric information itself or the document cannot be reconstructed from the identifier(s) even with the device that originally allocated the agent or the 'Biometric Identifier Token'. Using this method, the individual has to be present (with his document(s)) during the identification process since the (secret) token identifier itself has no true value except in a particular biometric identification transaction. This is important in order to avoid an association with recorded values or any other unique characteristic.


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