Traceless Biometrics System (TBS) and concept was Invented By Michael (Micha) Shafir in order to avoid the need to collect biometrics and afterwards to search creative ways or alternative technologies to cancel delicate collection(s). Traceless Biometrics is a method that is able to authenticate innocent's strangers, even if they're not known to the biometric system






INNOVYA – Traceless Biometric System (TBS) is the only Biometric method on the market today that able to authenticate strangers to the Biometric system, (unknown to the system) without storing, keeping or using any unique information anywhere.

The Innovya Corporate Mission is to apply Innovative Privacy Friendly Authentication Technology to eliminate ID fraud by binding the ID Document Holder to the ID Document Owner and thus increase the safety of traveling and the ability to conduct business securely. Innovya is using a fuzzy algorithm method for identifying an individual through a biometric identifier that is designed to be non-unique. Fuzzy logic is a type of mathematical algorithm that represents in a more accurate way how the human brain categorizes objects, evaluates conditions and process decisions. Fuzzy logic allows an object to belong to a set to a certain degree or with a certain confidence. Instead of using unique biometric information, an amorphous identifier agent is replacing it. The amorphous agent is an incomplete identifier obtained from a fresh scanned biometric information, which is non-unique. Using this method, the individual has to be present (with his document during the identification process since the token identifier it self has no true value except in a particular biometric identification transaction. This is important in order to avoid an association with recorded values or any other unique characteristic.

Automatic systems should NEVER ask you “Who are you?”… Automatic Biometric authentication system should only verify that your presented credentials belong to you “Is it really your ID?” (ID document(s), username/password, etc.). Innocent people need to prove who they are with authenticated ID’s. Innocent people should NOT be recognized “automatically” by their “body parts copies” stored in “Private” or “National” databases…
Although it looks or sounds obvious, the technology and systems behind Biometric authentication are not well understood by most people, apparently not by the governments and as it appears, not even by the Biometric solution providers themselves.

Biometrics authentication system should as it name offers: Authenticate You, NOT Recognize you! without keeping any unique or personal Biometric identifications, or templates, or tokens in any storage system namely, to be barometrically traceless, such that an exact image or copy of the biometric information is not maintained.

millions fingerprints stolen

21 Millions Americans were hit by the government personnel data hack than originally thought